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EDI Transactions Create Efficiency

Business processes in a large variety of industries are becoming increasingly digitized. In the new era of the paperless office, it is not uncommon for all kinds of data to be transferred electronically rather than on paper. The  business and healthcare industry is no exception, and electronic attachments for insurance claims, purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices are just a few types of EDI in business and healthcare.

But what is EDI? Electronic data interchange is more than just email; it is a structured way to transmit data between computer systems, governed by standards that are
extremely important for business and medical transactions.

EDI implementation increases efficiency and has proven to both save time and save money. An important element in EDI is that of standards. Each EDI document has a standardized format, which ensures that data can be quickly sent and interpreted on both sides. EDI formatting specifications are like blueprints for data and EDI guides serve to make transitions between different data trading partners as smooth as possible.

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